Cleaning up a mess of the past evolving into a tidy solution ofthe future.

Building Back Better.

Once an unorganized project with some undeniable highlights and tragedies.
MUXE is now returning to the market re-approaching our goals of the past.

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Rebuilding the brand of MUXE.

It is time for a new dime!

After a long time of consideration MUXE has decided that it will swap to the CcS Blockchain and focus on a new and improved future.

About Building Back Better.

Where we have lost full control to learn.

Losing our main business model was a huge strike for the MUXE Project. But it takes more to derive us from our goals. We are persistent, determined, energetic and motivated to sacrifice what is needed to succeed.

Build muxe back returning better

Statistics of the MUXE CLEAN-UP program.


MUXE Token Swap Reduction


Projects rebuilding plans


Monthly Expenses reduction


Current status of completion

Refactoring projects.

Refactoring CcS Tip and Trade

The biggest tradegy of MUXE till date was losing the CcS T & T protocol. We have learned alot about the issues that took place. Learn more about what we encountered and our plans to resolve the issue.

Refactoring MUXE Tokens

When we first introduced the MUXE Tokens we had no clue what we where doing. By trying, failing, evaluation and rebuilding we still stand today revaluating the MUXE Tokens. Learn more about the new approach.

Changing our smart contract provider.

We have always been extremely satisfied with Ethereum as our smart contract service provider. Through years of consideration we have decided to move forward with a new smart contract provider in the future.

Refactoring CcS Network

The CcS Network was once a fast growing multi domain accessible social network for cryptocurrency projects among them MUXE ONLINE, REDD ONLINE and several other connected networks.

Refactoring MUXE TV

MUXE TV is a broadcast website for Youtubers that agreed or requested to list their youtube or other video platform based content to create a unique and resourceful content collection.

Refactoring Core Browser + Mobile

The Core Browser was introduced in 2019 to serve as a desktop tool for faster browsing, tool combination, built-in tool suite access and display of MUXE related products and services.