MUXE TV is a platform that promotes video content creators in a modern and exciting video platform.

Educative & Entertainment

MUXE TV provides users with a well organized and sorted streaming platform that focuses on the highest quality content available on the Internet.

By embracing the combination of juicy video content and a decentralized tipping infrastructure MUXE TV aims to provide a new way of revenue generation for content creators and streamers.

Our platform is build to provide users with educative and entertaining content. The refactored platform willstimulate users to read more educative materials.

Via a smart contract integration provided by the CcS Smart Contract Solutions the MUXE TV platform will provide a turnkey solution in decentralized content solutions.


In a time where media sources are controlled by big tech organizations steering the direction of media there is rising a fast growing demand towards platforms that provide a freedom of content. MUXE TV is providing access for different opinionated based content that may follow different types of political views. 


The refactored MUXE TV release will immediately serve all content directly via our Android, IOS and Desktop applications. Always up to date with the latest content made by amazing content creators.


The MUXE TV Refactored program is part of the Build Back Solid Plan of MUXE. Keeping the original character of the MUXE TV project and improving the use of artificial intelligence we are aiming to provide an time changing video education platform. MUXE TV has an collaboration with over 250 content creators around the world since 2018.

The future of true knowledge
Starts in your own hands!

Wíth MUXE TV you get to contribute to a world of freedom of speech, freedom of content in combination with an educative and entertaining media network. Share and contribute globally!